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"The last 3 1/2 years I have been to many orthopedic specialists, chiropractors, and physical therapists because of shoulder pain.  After 4 months of PT I then found Ray.  I've worked with Ray for 2 months and it's day and night difference.   He changed my life!!  I feel like me again, and can enjoy all the things I love to do pain free.   -K.F.

"Ray you have done so much to improve my life in just three weeks of therapy it is almost unbelievable.   The knowledge you gave me will help me stay well and improve my sports play.  I can't thank you enough for your patience and support of my shoulder recovery."-T.P.

"I have been to various PT sessions for many months over a period of years.  The various styles were supposed to make me better but hurt me.   Ray did not make me stress myself by using very slow, deliberate movements and stretches.  Over time Ray taught me how to recognize my movements.  By not leaving my PT sessions in pain, it made me want to go back to PT without hesitation.  –P. W.

"Ray is very knowledgeable, and is a good listener. He gave me a wide range of exercises to help my compressed spine, and I'm much better..."-A.R.

“My back pain is nil in comparison to the first session with Ray.”  - E.B.

“I have been doing therapy from 1990 until now. Ray has helped the most.”  -N.S.

“I feel like I can move smoother. Standing up and sitting on the floor quicker and not feeling like I’m going to fall.”  -T.W.

“Ray gives you lifelong training and exercises that you can continue to do for years-indefinitely.” -T.M.

“100% better. I have not felt this good in years.”  -B.S.