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" When I first came to Ray I would limp into therapy and waltz out without a limp. It is so simple yet has made a profound difference in my life"
-Suellen Bartel, Bay City

Delivery of high quality service
It makes all the difference with physical therapy
  • Vestibular rehab
  • Balance difficulties
  • Fall prevention
  • Pediatric rehab

"Because of my positive results, I am constantly sharing the wonders of working with Ray to others...with anyone with whom the topic comes up!"  -B.C, Bay City

State of the art techniques

Unique to the local  marketplace

Ray Burns, PT

Physical Therapist, Feldenkrais Practitioner®. Anat Baniel Method Practitioner (sm), Anat Baniel Method for Children Practitioner(sm), and Wellness Consultant.

Ray Burns has provided physical therapy services in Saginaw 29 years, to all ages, from infants to seniors.  Ray provides an easy relationship to listen, answer your questions, and react to your needs.  Sometimes there is a wait to get started, but usually there is no wait time during sessions.  Ray provides methods very unique to the local area.

Want to learn to move easy?  want to Learn how to walk easier? or want gain Well-being or vitality?

The thrill and excitement of learning to move around in an easy way.

“Ray’s treatment is a notch above traditional treatment. He is fully invested in the patient’s treatment plan & has unique treatment methods using the Feldenkrais approach.” -L.W.

“Ray is highly skilled and gentle as a PT. Most people that I talked to always claimed how much physical therapy hurts. This was NOT true with Ray!” -M.M.

"I feel much better.  Pain in back is 90% gone.  I feel that I have better movement in my neck"

-T. G.

“Ray has a different approach than others I have been to with much more success.”  -A.K.

“He’s a master of what the body should do, so his knowledge has benefited me to be able to maneuver.” -E.D.

“I haven’t walked this well in years!”   -S.M.

"Carter has caught up on his motor skills!  He is happier, more agile, the active baby he should be" -S.W.

"I feel completely different.  All of me feels better, not just the part that was injured.  I feel better than before.  Parts of me that have been hurting for years are much better." -G.N.


Easy location to find

By Fashion Square Mall right off I-75

Your physical therapist has a solid 28 years background in physical therapy. You get the benefit of experience that's been acquired year after year, patient after patient.


our services 

  • Pain relief
  • Back, neck, spine rehab
  • Orthopedic & sports injuries
  • Neurological difficulties


individualized care

Spends appropriate  time with patients

providing Physical Therapy to people from Saginaw, Bay, Midland Counties in Michigan, outlying Michigan

What patients say

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