• 1984 -B.S. Sports Medicine from Central Michigan University
  • 1989 -B.S. Physical Therapy from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science, College of Health Professions, in North Chicago, Illinois
  • 1992-2013 - Classes in craniosacral therapy, vector release, muscle energy technique, acupressure, positional release, myofascial reorganization
  • 2000-2003 - Anat Baniel Method(sm)/Feldenkrais® Training
  • 2003 - Anat Baniel Method for Children (sm)Training

    Presently Ray is measuring his abilities by focusing on his business, enjoying engaging others, having fun, and improving the well-being of others.

jumpstart an infant moving

Get infants and children jump started moving easy, then finding their "wobble" balance, GPS navigation system, and joys in gravity moving. 

Feel Clarity, secure Moving easier

Do you prefer "scatterbrained" or ease, clear mental focus and concentration with expansive mobility?  

Ray Burns, PT

The excitement of Learning to move easy

Do you prefer agitation or exhilaration when moving or with position changes?

Feel Limber in your joints

Do you prefer stiffness or limber agility in your torso, arms, and legs with moving?

Bringing physical therapy expertise to everyone.

Feel improved athletic performance

Do you prefer discouragement or enjoy feelings of slow/fast speeds, less/high demand, with position changes?

Ray's Background

Physical Therapy and complimentary methods

Ray has distinctive knowledge of the movement system, and expertise in mobility and locomotion.  Ray uses a process based on the leading edge of brain research concepts called Neuroplasticity.  Ray is a licensed health care professional Physical Therapist (PT).  Ray also uses The Feldenkrais Method(R), The Anat Baniel Method(R), Craniosacral therapy, Myofascial reorganization, and Acupressure, etc.

If you decide to work with Ray, he uses an information gathering "process" of movement awareness and data collection. What shocks many who first work with Ray are these surprises:  testing the capacity of what the body can do, or testing your body out to do things, or evolving physical skills, or gaining strength-and having fun-can be accomplished in an easy, effortless way of moving. There is a strong influence in us, also culture worthiness, that hard work and effort are the only way to go. Many of us have trained the "hard" versus "easy" decision option out of each other years ago.  In addition, Ray works with individuals to calibrate toward well-being, thriving, and vitality by developing fitness and wellness programs for healthier and more active lifestyles.

“I am an orthopedic surgeon sub-specializing in sports medicine. I have sent many patients for consultation who have failed treatment in other facilities. Ray’s adjuvant use of manual therapy has proved timely and beneficial for these more difficult cases resulting in significant improvement in function. He has much to offer.”- Terrance McAllister, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon.

Re-learning easier Movement by bouncing of contrast (i.e. difficult or easy)

No Hardship required, Learn to gain without pain

Do you prefer pain or gain, comfort, and ease when moving?


Educate, teach, uplift, sooth, co-create, and transform lives.  Enhance well-being.  More freedom to move. More joy moving.  More expansion of thinking.  Bouncing of contrast.


Unique holistic perspective of how to move in an easy way across the life span.   Surprisingly, knuckling under and wrestling alligators to the ground are not required. The only effort needed is changing focus.

Sense improved balance

Do you prefer angst or safe, secure, sure-footedness in stationary places, changing positions, and moving?.

Feel Stronger naturally

Do you prefer lethargy or secure, powerful, confident use of arms, legs, and torso when moving or changing positions?

Feel that function improves

Do you prefer fatigue, lethargy or vitality and thriving moving about?

Solution orientation

Focus on opportunities, & possibilities.  A solution-orientated approach.  At times there are leveraged payoffs or big outcomes that can surpass all expectations.